Statement of Disclosure


The following information is being provided to you as the client and/or as the “owner or agent of the owner” of the animal(s) client (s) for which consent and acknowledgement of this treatment/therapy is being obtained.

I am not a veterinarian or medical doctor; I do not diagnose medical issues, offer medical advice, prescribe drugs, or perform surgery.

I am a telepathic communicator, incorporating the translation/interpretation of pictures, thoughts, feelings and emotions for clients using energetic modalities. These include: Shamanic Journeys, Divine Coding, psychic reading, clairsentience, clairaudience, Reiki, EFT, and Quantum Touch. The use of these modalities helps to provide individualized consultations with clients of all forms. Clients receive empathic, heartfelt care based on the training and knowledge gained through courses taken and experience in these modalities.

The specific results of the communication session(s) will be different for each client. Beneficial effects of telepathic communication include: deepening Self understanding; releasing past and present trauma and fear; understanding feelings surrounding injury, illness, loss and death; obtaining another’s perspective; increased creativity; deepening relationships between life companions; and re-awakening innate wisdom.

In addition to telepathic communication sessions, I offer bodywork in the form of Joint Yoga, TTouch and Myotherapy. I also offer PSYCH-K facilitation, provide consultations regarding nutrition, supplements, flower essences, essential oils/aromatherapy, and suggestions for further reading and behavior training. I provide references to other practitioners.

These services are not an alternative to or substitute for good, quality medical or veterinary advice, diagnosis, treatment or care; or proper training, exercise, nutrition or rest.

Julie Ann Marie, Infinite Joy Now LLC

Telepathic Communicator and Intuitive



I have read and understand the above disclosure statement pertaining to the services provided by Julie Ann Marie. I understand that she is not a medical doctor or veterinarian; her services are not to be considered as medical or veterinary treatment. Comments, suggestions, or recommendations offered are not to be construed as medical or veterinary advice.

I (owner or agent of the owner) agree to have this service for myself and/or for my animal companion(s) and give my consent by signing below. I agree that Julie Ann Marie, and Julie Ann Marie as owner of Infinite Joy Now LLC will not be liable for any damage or loss caused by myself or my animal(s). My and their behavior now and in the future is solely my responsibility. Should any behavior by myself or my animal(s), now or in the future, result in damage to the property, owners or persons of a third party, I agree to assume full liability to such third party for any such damage, and hold harmless Julie Ann Marie and Julie Ann Marie as owner of Infinite Joy Now LLC.