Welcome!  Thank you for visiting.  I have been working professionally with people and their animal companions since 2008. Through our work together, clients have deepened their own self understanding, and improved the partnership with their life companions.

This 3-1/2 minute You Tube TV Interview with WKOW-TV, ABC in Madison, WI from October gives a nice overview of animal communication.


For more in-depth (one hour) information, here is another YouTube interview, this time with Sue Broome, of Angel Talk with Sue:


Please note that Telepathic animal communication, Intuitive Guidance, Energy healing and balancing, Shamanism, Divine Coding, Psychic readings, Mediumship and the other services offered are not an alternative or substitute for good, qualified medical or veterinary advice, diagnosis, treatment or care.

They also are not an alternative or replacement for proper exercise, nutrition and rest.

Your privacy is respected.  Information and personal data is not be shared or sold.

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  1. Hi Julie! I have been trying to make time to practice what we learned last saturday at Basic Animal Communication class 101! I wanted to thank you again for your training and time. I realize with such a small class, you didn’t earn much. But both Stacie and I are truly grateful and look forward to future trainings! If you had the meditate, calming our energy countdown to communicating On audio, I would definitely purchase from you! Love and hugs, Teri
    P.S. Are you familiar with this local facebook page to post events?
    “Special Events, Classes, and workshops Dane County Wi” https://www.facebook.com/groups/526891834152861/

    • Hi Teri,

      Thank you! I enjoyed our time together, intimate groups allow for more in depth conversations. I am working on some recordings and will let you know when they are ready. I will also be in touch about our practice day in July. And thanks for the heads up on the FB page – I will check it out! I know I do not utilize social media nearly as much as I could. 🙂 I hope you are enjoying the beautiful weekend!

  2. Hi Corey,

    I only work with lost pets who have already been clients.

    I wish you the best of luck in locating your companion.


  3. I cannot say enough positive things about my experiences with Julie Ann. She went above and beyond while helping with our family pets as one neared the end of their life. I think of Julie as an interpreter- someone who could translate between family members. She was spot on with all her unprompted comments and truly helped me find peace in knowing it was time to help our beloved pet transition. We will continue our relationship and wholeheartedly endorse Julie Ann.

  4. Thank you Julie

    So glad for our session. Both cats said that you are very accurate and they got to say what they wanted to say. I could feel you advocating for the cats, but you still are listening too.
    Thank you so much, we all appreciate you.


  5. Is it too late to schedule a communication session for my dog tomorrow at the Northcentral Maltese Rescue picnic?

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